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Three weeks ago, I started taking a Pilates class. I've been working for about a year with a physical therapist to try to figure out the various less than optimal ways that I've been using my body for the past 32 years, and working on finding better ways. A lot of the things that we've been working on come down to not using core muscles well. I've really enjoyed the class, but every time so far, I've come home with sore abdominal muscles that I didn't even know I had. The first time they were really sore. This week and last week I've just come home with muscles that feel comfortably well worked. Hopefully all of this will help with the extra tense arm and shoulder and back muscles that I've been dealing with for years.

On another topic, for the past few year, one of our favorite summer meals (particularly when neither of us feels like cooking anything) is to fix tomato wraps. I got the idea originally from a wonderful restaurant (now unfortunately no longer in business) in Knoxville, TN called the Crescent Moon Cafe. Teri always fixed wonderful food with all fresh ingredients. Among the things they fixed were these amazing tomato wraps. After a while, I was able to get Teri to tell me what was in them. We've been fixing them ever since.

So...what's in them? First, take mayo, fresh garlic and fresh dill and mix them up to taste. We tend to like lots of dill, and generally a couple of cloves of garlic to a batch of mayo. Your mileage may vary. Note that once it's sat in the refrigerator overnight, the flavor of the garlic in particular will spread through the mayo.

After you've got the mayo, your more or less home free. Chop some good fresh tomato (about 1 smallish to medium tomato per person). Drain the tomatoes of excess juice (stick the chopped tomatoes in a bowl and pour off any juice that's come out on its own.)

Spread some of the mayo on a flour tortilla. Put a couple of slices of Swiss cheese along the center of the tortilla. Pile on the tomato. Wrap it up like a burrito. Enjoy! (We do tend to slice them in half -- they're very slightly less messy that way.)


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