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After a yummy Thai dinner and enjoyable conversaion with friends in Roanoke, it was off to the dance for me. At the hall, I ended up serving as sound tech as well as caller, since they didn't have anyone set to do it.

Root 2 (the band) was easy to work with, even though this was one of their first full dances. They had some really nice sets of tunes. A little shaky on tempos, but that improved greatly over the course of the evening as we settled in.

The dance had a lot of new dancers, so I definitely earned my princely salary as a caller this evening. (As the saying goes: Contra callers drive hundreds of miles to get paid tens of dollars ;-) )

The dancers seemed to have a good time, which is the main thing. I was able to put together a set of dances that used a relitavely small set of different calls so that I didn't have as many new things to teach -- we were just putting the things we knew together in new ways, and occasionally adding a new move.

Tomorrow, if I make it up in time, I'm hoping to get over to Christ Episcopal Church here in roanoke where a friend is the associate. Not sure if I will make it up in time for that or not. For now, though, off to bed with me.
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