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I haven't written anything in a while....partly because I spend so much time in front of the computer during the day that I don't want to do my thinking through stuff on a keyboard. I even just recently decided to try to do some more letter writing (actual longhand pen and paper letters). My friend Lark gave me the idea with her letter-a-day for the month of April project. I'm going to be doing some traveling later this summer, and hope that I can get some letters and postcards written then, and some before I leave.

I've been spending a good bit of time working on calling and dance related stuff (sometimes, more time than I probably should....). I'm really excited, though, about some of the touring that I'm going to get to do this summer. I've got 4 gigs in NC with Gypsy Meltdown,a fabulous band from the DC area.  They were, in fact, the first band I called with at Glen Echo -- just over a year ago.  We did a fun couple of gigs in Blacksburg, VA and Charlottesville, VA and in July I get to introduce them around to some of my favorite dances down here -- Carrboro, Greensboro, River Falls Lodge and the Grey Eagle (Asheville).  This summer, Becky and I will be going up to Pinewoods, the wonderful music and dance camp in Plymouth, MA.  Before and after the week at Pinewoods, I'll be doing some calling up that way -- in Brattleboro, VT, at MIT and in Cambridge (yes, I know that makes two dances in Cambridge).  Then after Pinewoods, I'll be doing a tour with Nor'easter in Western NY.  Rochester, Ithaca, Buffalo and Owego, then we haul back to Mass for the Monday Night Scout House Contra Dance.  Whew.  From this Tuesday June 23rd thru August 18th, I will have 15 gigs, plus a week of dance and music and calling at Pienwoods.  That's more calling than I've done in most years.  It's not a pace I could keep up on a regular basis, but it's going to be a good (and I hope, enjoyable) challenge for me.  If it goes well, I'd really like to do something like this each summer...possibly pick a new part of the country to see and travel around calling dances for a month or so.  

For those of you who think it sounds like I'm calling full time, I do actually have a real job.  In case you don't know, I work for Indigo Logix, LLC and am an assistive technology dealer, specializing in AT for people with visual impairments.  I really enjoy the work that I do, even if I do sometimes grumble about the ammount of driving I do for it (I cover all of north carolina.)  I get to meet interesting folks all over the state and to make a difference in the lives of people who are blind or who have low vision.  And I get to play with cool techie toys!! :-)

I'm hoping to do more journaling, particularly over the next month of traveling.  I suspect that there will be more contra related than work related -- not because I'm more interested in one than the other (though thinking through dances does hold attraction when I should be making a bunch of phone calls for work.....), but because the touring will be a new experience for me.  I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

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