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Gah. Too much driving recently. Last Monday, 222mi round trip to Greenville and Stantonsburg, NC. Then 165 miles to Eden, NC and Greensboro on Wednesday. Yesterday, down to Lexington and Concord (252 mi). Thursday and Friday, back and forth to Raleigh. Then on Monday, I head out to Western NC (500mi+ round trip) and then I get about a week off.

In other news, I think the inaugural batch of cider is done (possibly past done, but I think it's recoverable if so). It's quite dry, possibly a bit too dry. We decanted it this evening and it's still bubbling a little, but not much. I'll do it again after a day or so. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Right now, it's a little dryer than we would like. As of Saturday, it was still too sweet (after 1 week). What's the best way to proceed?

Finally, I (and hopefully my wife Becky) will be coming up to (through) northern VA the weekend of May 10th. I'm calling for the contra dance at Glen Echo (MD) park on that Sunday evening. Would love to see folks up that way if you'll be available. We may also be looking for places to stay Friday night or Saturday night (and possibly Sunday, but I suspect that we'll be able to get a place to stay from someone at the dance.) Hope to see some of you Northern VA folks next month!

BTW: Don't know what this contra dancing stuff is? Have a look at these:

or these: http://flickr.com/photos/jhm4/sets/72157604646988608/


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