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edit: to reflect correct price from McGeorge Toyota

I've been thinking pretty hard for the past few weeks about getting a prius. Last week, I borrowed a friend's prius (2005) and drove it for a business trip up to Boone, Blowing Rock, Lenoir and back (about 550 miles). I did the whole trip on one tank. One 11.6 gallon tank.

Since then, I've been researching dealerships, and the prius itself. The price I got quoted locally (Raleigh - Fred Anderson) was $26,122.30 plus tax 3% $783.67 + tag fees $143.10 + doc fee $499.00 = $27,548.07

Please note that the MSRP for package 2, which is what I asked for is: $24,110, including the $660 destination charge, but not including taxes or tags. Why you ask is there a $3500 difference in price? Mostly because NC gets their cars from the Southeastern Toyota Cartel -- I mean the Southeastern Toyota Distribution system, based in FL. They control distribution for all Toyotas in NC, SC, GA and FL. (But not TN and VA). They charge extra fees ($599 documentation fee -- that's some dammed expensive copying and filing). They also add extra options ($600 Toyotaguard -- aka Scotchguarding the inside, and waxing the outside, and giving you a free oil change and roadside assistance).

So, I emailed a dealership in Richmond (McGeorge). The price they quoted as an out the door price was $2,5450.24. Even if they find another $500 in fees that they "forgot about", that's still a difference of $1,500!!!

I'll be renting a 2007 or 2008 Prius the 2nd week of June for another trip, and will make a decision after that. If anyone has any experience with McGeorge that they'd like to share, please chime in!


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