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This week has gone by so quickly. Saturday afternoon, Becky and I will be getting married, and even though I thought we had done a good job of getting things planned out and/or farming decisions out to parents and other folks, there's so much that has to get done, decided or dealt with somehow in the next day and a half. I had naivelyplanned to go out and see a customer tomorrow morning, but I'm going to call them first thing tomorrow and reschedule. Hey -- this is the first time I've done this whole wedding thing, and I thought we had a good handle on things. It would seem, however, that I overestimated our ability to either plan ahead or delegate. Lots to do. Right now, though, what I need to do is sleep. Unfortunately, my brain hasn't quite gotten the message and keeps on coming up with other things that I need to do tomorrow which I then feel the need to get up and write down so I don't forget them which wakes me up enough that I have to take some time to get sleepy again at which point I think of something that I need to do tomorrow which I then feel the need to write down.......

I'm going to try....again....to sleep now.


Sep. 9th, 2005 02:06 pm
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I had appointments scheduled this morning in Winston-Salem and Greensboro and didn't want to have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it to them, so last night, Becky and I drove over to Greensboro. We had a nice dinner at her mom's house, spent some time opening wedding presents, and then Becky drove the volvo home because she thinks she has a buyer for it. Unfortunately, when she drove home, she also had the keys to my car in her purse. So, I'm left here in Greensboro. My demo equipment is locked in my car. My keys are 60 miles away in Durham and Becky is at work at Duke until 2:30. I got a message to Becky this AM and she tried to call me back on my cell phone. Did I mention that Becky's mom's house is in a cell phone hole? The only way I can get a signal is to go out into the middle of the road and stand there waiting for the phone to find a tower. So B and I passed messages back and forth and finally got in touch around lunchtime. She's going to come over as soon as she gets done at work...getting here around 3:45 or so. I've cancelled all but one of my appointments and will reschedule them next week, but I will still get to pick up the sound equipment so that we can host our wedding contra dance on Sunday afternoon.
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I've actually gotten a fair bit done today (amazingly enough). I've gotten some notes done for work (but not turned in), made a sale for my job with Goodkin Border and Associates, and am beginning to get bills and financial papers organized (I highly recommend setting up a "tickler file" -- a file with folders for months, and then folders for weeks or days within a particular month. When papers that need to be dealt with later come in, they go in the file).

I've also gotten the floor cleared in the office (though of course the floor in the living room is now more cluttered -- not from moving stuff from office to LR, just from conservation of clutter.) Now we've just found out that a good friend's band will be playing for the contra dance in Winston Salem tonight, so we're madly trying to get stuff done that we were planning to do this evening (like walking the dog) done now so we can leave by 6:30. That means that I should get off the computer and get out walking the dog.
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Just back from the pool, where I played human jungle gym to an 11 year old. Somehow, even doing that, the swimming helped the cramp in my shoulder. After, a brief stop by the PTA Thrift Shop to pick up a power supply for a customer's computer speakers and then home to get the wireless (and wired) network set up now that my wonderful fiancee and her stepfather have pulled the cable into the office.


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