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On Thursday, I shipped my hard drive and my external drive off to Eco Data Recovery for them to get my data back (I'm going to be positive here). Of the various companies I talked to they a) seemed to know what they were talking about and b) charged a flat fee (rather than saying "It'll cost somewhere between $500 and $2500, and we'll tell you how much it will be after we have your drive taken apart and your data held hostage."

Ok, they didn't really say that last bit, but that's the effect. This company charges $895 if they get your data back, with a minimum of $175 which covers parts and labor for the actual repair and catalog of the drive. Keep your fingers crossed!

Today, after going to the farmers market, B and I have spent most of the rest of the day off and on working on our retaining wall for the herb garden. This has been mainly B's project for the past few months, but she's gotten to the point that she has a complete layer from the sidewalk to the side of the house done, so laying subsequent layers will go a lot faster. So I've been helping lay new layers and putting landscape fabric and fill dirt in behind the wall. It's going to look really great when we're done, and we'll have a bigger and flatter herb garden. We'll also have one less *($% hill of grass to mow. ;-)

I called for the contra dance last night in Carrboro. Everyone seemed to have a good time, but it was definitely more of an energy sink (rather than the energy boost I usually get from calling.) The band and I just weren't meshing well....tempo, feel of the music, connection with the dancers...just wasn't happening. At least I get paid for it, though.


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