Dance high

Sep. 11th, 2005 11:01 pm
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Becky and I hosted a contra dance in celebration of our upcoming wedding (next Saturday!) today. We had neither of us tried to put something like this together before so weren't sure how things were going to work out. Were we going to have too few people -- or too many (the hall wouldn't comfortably hold more than 80 or so). As it turns right the numbers weren't too many or too few -- they were just right. We ended up with around 50 people, all friends of ours from dancing. We had wonderful music from House Red and amazing calling from Louie Cromartie. 50 experienced dancers...wonderful music and calling. It all added up to a fabulous afternoon with friends that sent all of us into a great dance high.

After the dancing was done, we had a potluck supper and had a relaxing time visiting with friends, giving our feet a rest and enjoying the beautiful evening. What a wonderful way to start the celebration of our wedding!
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I've actually gotten a fair bit done today (amazingly enough). I've gotten some notes done for work (but not turned in), made a sale for my job with Goodkin Border and Associates, and am beginning to get bills and financial papers organized (I highly recommend setting up a "tickler file" -- a file with folders for months, and then folders for weeks or days within a particular month. When papers that need to be dealt with later come in, they go in the file).

I've also gotten the floor cleared in the office (though of course the floor in the living room is now more cluttered -- not from moving stuff from office to LR, just from conservation of clutter.) Now we've just found out that a good friend's band will be playing for the contra dance in Winston Salem tonight, so we're madly trying to get stuff done that we were planning to do this evening (like walking the dog) done now so we can leave by 6:30. That means that I should get off the computer and get out walking the dog.


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