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Wow. 4 days, 4 gigs, 44 dances (I actually met my self imposed challenge to call 4 evenings without repeating a dance), and something like 500 dancers. This was so much fun. I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into when I planned this (and the tour next month too), but I'm so glad that I did it. C, K, K and I have had a great time together -- definitely have to do it again. I'm seriously tired, but looking back on the past 4 days I just get the same goofy grin I get from standing on stage with a fabulous band....watching them and the dancers....loving the music and the energy of the crowd.

Friday in Carrboro was a great start to the tour. We had a huge crowd and got things off to a great start. Better still, it was for my home dance.

Saturday in Greensboro was a much smaller crowd, but with fewer new dancers, and we got some great dances and tunes in that night. After the dance, a bunch of folks ended up at the house we were staying at to hang out and chat and eat. Our host sent us off in the morning with a great breakfast for our early (and long) drive up to River Falls Lodge for the Sunday afteernoon dance and swim.

After the River Falls dance (and a refreshing swim in the Saluda River for me and the band afterwards) we headed up to my familiy's mountain house and had a relaxing evening just hanging out, learning new card games, playing old board games (an edition of Sorry that's older than i am -- it was my mom's when she was young, and I grew up playing with the same set).
After another great breakfast, we headed down the mountain and over to Asheville.

Our host for the evening is an old friend of C's, so they got some catching up tiime in, while K and I both took naps. We headed over to the hall and had dinner there before the dance. And what a dance it was -- great music, great dancers. The energy (and heat) in that room was amazing. I love dancing there, and I love calling there -- very different experiences, but they're both a blast.
Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment for work at 9:00 before driving back to Durham, and the band hass an 8 hour drive back to DC, so it'll be an early start for all of us.

Curreent Music: Recording of the dance this evening.

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